Welcome to our website!

This is the home of Ravensnest, the Marvel Future Fight Alliance!


Hello and thank you for showing interest in our Alliance.

We are currently a fast growing level 25 Alliance that is looking for level 40+ players to join our community.
We are helpful and friendly and pretty active in Alliance Conquest.


-Members are kicked after 5 days of inactivity. Unless you let one of the officers know that you will not be able to play (we do not need a reason, just that you are not able to play from when till when is fine)

-You must earn 5000 Alliance Points a week. Doing the basic dailies alone will give you 2500 a day so 5k should be more than achievable for the average player.

-Donations will count towards your Alliance points.

-Don’t be an ass and act mature.


You can find us under the Alliance Page in the game if you look for “Ravensnest”.

Officers that you can ask for are